Orthoresults.com is a living gallery of new faces, hosting hard-won results by leading professionals in orthognathic surgery, orthodontic treatment and plastic surgery. As an educational website for society it is open to everyone free of charge.
Bearing sharp focus on the latest advancements in these fields, orthoresults.com is a networking hub for professionals and patients, established in order to share and celebrate current orthofacial achievements, as well as explore and connect for advice, insights, questions, answers, experience and contacts.
Restored facial and health balance is not an ambition but rather a necessity of a person. The mission of every medical professional is to serve the needs of patients. And then there are some professionals who succeed in achieving mastery and step ahead of unfavourable marks that are left by nature, genetic predispositions, accidents, and injuries. Positive changes are in the hands of those who choose to improve.
Perfectly accomplished face-altering missions are mutual victories. These victories are captured at orthoresults.com.